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We catch up with Senior iTAB Account Manager, Kirsty Moulsley, post her epic weekend at Mizuno Endure 24 in Reading…

The Endure 24 strap-line is ‘EPIC, BRUTAL, RELENTLESS’ – how does
it live up to it?
It is all of those things and more!  The event is Epic 4,000 runners around a 5-mile trail for 24 hours.  The Brutal bit was the rain – it made the course a bit slippy!  Relentless comes from having to go out again and again – but to be honest that’s part of the fun!

Who was in your team & what was your plan of attack?
There are five of us in the team: Carys, Geoff, James, Romana and myself.  Geoff, Romana and I have been in the team together for the last 4-years.

We didn’t have a plan of attack – just to ensure someone was on the course throughout the 24-hour period.  We decided to do double laps though the night to give everyone more rest – which ended up working really well for everyone.

The aim is to complete as many 5-mile laps as you can in 24 hours – how many did you finish on?
We completed 27 laps as a team, coming 47th out of 173 mixed teams of 3-5 people.  I did six laps; I was hoping for eight – but sadly we ran out of time!

Any tips on staying awake the whole time? Or did you steal naps between relays?
As we did double laps at night, I had a window of approximately 4.5 hours in between runs so was able to get a good chunk of sleep between midnight and 4.30am.

Can you tell me a bit about the Woodland route itself and the atmosphere?
The route is beautiful – mainly trail with a few hills thrown in.  There are a few Marshall Points around the course, along with the VDUB Vibes camper van pumping out some Rock and Roll tunes half-way round!

Who does the race attract?
The event attracts all types of runners – lots of running clubs, groups of friends along with solo runners and walkers too.   There is a chap from our running club – he’s 89 and completed 6 laps!

Some of the solo runners can run 100 miles plus! Did you see anyone undertaking the ‘100 Mile Club’?
Unfortunately, I didn’t see any of the 100-Mile Club runners – but I know there were a few out on the course!

Two final questions… Would you do it again? And have you ordered your iTAB?
Yes and yes – I will 100% do it next year – best weekend of the summer and its great to have an iTAB to celebrate the achievement.

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Find out more about Endure 24 Events here. The next one takes place in Leeds on 28th – 30th June 2019.

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