Where is my iTAB?

If you have been waiting for more than 14 days then please just send us the following information and we will engrave a new iTaB for you;

Order #:
Event Name:
Event Distance:
Name to be engraved on iTaB:
Finish Time [HH:MM:SS]:
Delivery address:

It is highly likely that you have not confirmed your iTaB details to be engraved; the instructions on how to do this are usually sent out by us and the Race Organiser so they may be in your Inbox or Junk Folder [make sure you are checking the email account that you specified in the online Race Registration Form].

You may find that we have already created a basic iTaB account for you, please contact us at info@mysportingtimes.com and we’ll tell you what to do next.

The most likely reason is that you have not confirmed your iTAB details to be engraved; you should have received an automated reminder from us [check your Junk Folder].

If you’re not sure what to do next please just contact our customer services team at info@mysportingtimes.com.

If you have been waiting for more than 5 days and you have still not heard from us [please check your Junk Folder] then please contact us with your Full Name and Order # and we will respond within 48 hours [Mon – Fri].

Delivery times?

To keep costs down, all iTABs are dispatched using the standard country postal services.

For delivery outside Europe: iTABs are typically delivered within 5-7 working days but please allow up to 14 working days.

For delivery within Europe: iTABs are typically delivered within 3-5 working days but please allow up to 10 working days.

Please note: multiple iTABs on a single order may be shipped separately.

Thank you for your patience.

How does the iTAB process work?

Here is a simple breakdown of the process:

Step 1. You order an iTAB; this may be selected as an option in the online Race registration form or via this website.

Step 2. You finish your event and receive your hard earned Finisher Medal.

Step 3. Your iTAB details are confirmed to us; this might be done by the race organiser or you may do this through your iTAB account.

Step 4. We engrave your iTAB and mail it to you.

Step 5. You receive the iTAB in the post and stick it in to the back of your medal.

Step 6. You relax and celebrate your achievement for years to come!

No you do not need to send your medal to us…you should be wearing it with pride!

Your medal has been modified slightly with a small area on the back of it to ‘house’ the iTaB.
The iTaB is a small self adhesive insert which fits exactly in to this space.
The iTaB will be engraved with your details and posted to you; when it arrives you simple remove the protective backing and stick it in to the back of the medal.

Yes you can order multiple iTABs.

When you create a basic iTAB account you can add multiple iTABs to the account.

If you are ordering iTABs for races you have already completed then you simply enter the details of the first iTAB, Add to Basket and then Continue Shopping until you are ready to Checkout.

You can also order iTABs for upcoming events. You simply add them to your basket and we will email you after the race with a reminder to confirm your details to be engraved.

Yes you can order an iTAB for a friend.

Whether you are ordering the iTAB as a gift for someone or just because it’s easier to do it all in one place, the process is simple.

The iTAB process relies on YOU to input the information that is going to be engraved on any given iTAB so you simply enter the details for that person in the required data fields.