iTAB is proud to generate in excess of $1million annually for our global race partners

Partnering with iTAB enhances the runner experience by creating lasting memories of their race journey and building a more personal connection with your event.

iTAB is proud to collaborate with more than 550 mass participation events globally. Our esteemed partners include the Abbott World Marathon Majors, featuring iconic races like Chicago and London, as well as the world’s largest half marathons including Göteborgsvarvet and Great North Run. We are also honored to be associated with major events like the LA Marathon, Toronto Marathon, London Landmarks Half Marathon, Brighton Marathon, Singapore Marathon and Gold Coast Marathon. Additionally, iTAB extends its partnership to two of the world’s premier obstacle event organizers, Spartan Race and Tough Mudder.

Revenue Generation with Zero Risk

For an event organizer, iTAB provides a no risk / no cost differentiator which increases your revenue per runner numbers. Certain races generate a 30% iTAB uptake resulting in up to $85k of incremental profit to the bottom line. The iTAB revenue share model ensures profitability with zero upfront costs. This provides a sustainable and reliable financial boost with generated revenue contributing directly to the overall success of the event.


The end-to-end service delivered by iTAB has revolutionized the medal personalization experience. With the click of a mouse participants can create a cherished memento by adding their name and finish time to their hard-earned race medals. This not only celebrates their individual achievements, but also creates a lasting connection to the event. Race medals are no longer banished to a desk drawer, they are now proudly displayed for all to see and shared on social media.

Enhanced Participant Experience

First races, PRs, charitable causes, or memories of a loved one are celebrated and embraced as the iTAB transforms the medal into a personal memento that evokes memories of a special day. Although for many serial runners the iTAB has become the final step in every event journey and simply provides an easy reminder of their finish time. The personalized medal builds participant satisfaction and loyalty, encouraging runners to return for future events.

Environmental Responsibility

iTAB is committed to decarbonization. Our passion for sustainability stems from our own personal drivers and desire to leave our planet in a healthy state for our children and their children. As ‘good citizens’ we have always done the basic things in the office such as recycling, waste reduction and even ‘plogging’ in the local area but sustainability is now a business priority for us. This aligns with growing environmental consciousness, and we aspire to lead the way in our field. By partnering with iTAB, events wishing to minimize their environmental footprint and contribute to eco-friendly practices will also appeal to participants who prioritize sustainability. Find out more about our green journey.

Remote Production

iTAB does not provide onsite engraving; the entire process is managed, controlled, and delivered remotely so there are none of the limitations or logistical issues that come with onsite engraving. We know, from first-hand experience, on-site engraving is not scalable which means cold and tired runners are often left frustrated as they wait in line immediately after finishing their race. As a race organizer this also means you don’t need to make any provision for engraving tents and the management of lines of slowly moving runners in your event village. Whilst timing systems have moved on immeasurably, providing a medal personalization service which is only activated when you and your timing partner are 100% confident of the results means there are no potential embarrassing instances of incorrect times being engraved on medals.

Marketing Content

Let’s be honest…it is in the interest of all parties to maximize the iTAB opportunity and generate as many sales as possible. As the originator of the remote medal personalization service and with 14 years of experience working with the largest events in the world, we have considerable knowledge to draw upon to help you generate incremental revenue and provide the best experience to your runners. Since Covid we have invested in our Marketing resources to provide you with a content creation service, promotional guidelines, and bespoke printed and online collateral. Our production studio will work with you to deliver medal photography, GIFs and videos, and create partnership content through our runner story video series – iTAB Stars.

Brand Visibility

iTAB’s global partnerships with over 550 events enables race organizers to tap into a broader network of contacts and potentially attract international participants. iTAB can enhance your event’s brand reach and visibility, through joint marketing promotions and product placements on the iTAB website, email and social channels.


Making personalized medals an option by offering the iTAB service sets a race event apart from the competition, making it more attractive to some runners looking for distinctive and memorable experiences. For other events, iTAB has become a de facto option to offer runners which typically outsells any other merchandise option.


As the market leader in our sector, iTAB continues to differentiate wherever possible to offer the very best solution to our partners and customers. By incorporating iTAB’s solutions, race events demonstrate a commitment to innovation, positioning themselves firmly at the forefront of positive trends in the running community. See our most recent innovation the Eco iTAB.

How it Works

Become an iTAB Partner Today

It is super easy to partner with iTAB. We work with all the leading race registration platforms, medal manufacturers and timing companies in the industry; as such we are confident we can answer your questions and address any of your potential concerns. The biggest mass participation events in the world choose iTAB for good reason so rest assured you are in safe hands!

 If you like what you see, and you are keen to generate valuable incremental revenue whilst providing a real value-add service to your runners then please get in touch at

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