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iTAB Insert

For finisher medals with the iTAB system. Add your Name, Time, Message and more.

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Ribbon Hanger

iTAB Ribbon Hanger

Designed for medals without the iTAB system. Add your Name, Time and Message to any finisher medal, past or present.

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iTAB Shop

Commemorate and Celebrate your amazing achievement!

The iTAB is the centre-pin to the running event industry, providing medal personalisation to event particpants of over 500 races worldwide. We provide two products to commemorate and celebrate your race, the iTAB Medal Insert and iTAB Ribbon Hanger. See our products below.

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iTAB Insert

The medal insert is an engraved iTAB plate that fits into a tailor-made recess on the reverse side of your medal. To get yours either choose iTAB on the event registration page, or order directly from us. Find your event below, and simply add your Name, Time, and Message. Personalise your medal now.

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iTAB Ribbon Hanger

The engraved iTAB plate is attached to your medal ribbon with a unique iTAB Ribbon Hanger. It looks neat, is visible from the front of the medal, and helps you remember your race day for years to come. To get yours, click the button below, and add your Name, Time, and Message.

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iTAB Ribbon Buckle - personalize your race medal

Each month we interview an iTAB Star, an ordinary runner who’s achieved extraordinary, We cover everything from their resilience and drive, to their favourite bling, quirky habits and the best excuses not to go for a run. So subscribe for free below for a dose of running fun and inspiration.