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Inspirational Bryony has channeled her grief into a running superpower!


Nine years ago Bryony suffered one of the most difficult tragedies, their son Dylan arrived stillborn at just 27 weeks pregnant, and later that year they suffered further heartache after a miscarriage. Bryony turned to running to help her grieving, and she has since raised over £46,000 for charity Tommy’s, and in 2015 welcomed their ‘rainbow’ baby Jenson into the world.

Bryony loves nothing more than getting out running and connecting with the great outdoors. But beware, she’s strictly a silent runner and if it’s raining outdoors she isn’t going anywhere.

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About four years ago Tanya suffered a series of epileptic seizures and ended up in intensive care in a coma. She had to learn to walk again, and then went one step further by starting running and setting a personal target of completing the London Landmarks Half Marathon.

Tanya is a Strava obsessive, if it isn’t on Strava it never happened, and she recoils in horror at the thought of ending a run without hitting a round number.

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Inspirational Tanya went from an induced coma to running the London Landmarks Half Marathon!

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