iTAB Stars

iTAB Stars come in all shapes and sizes, and best of all, you get to nominate and choose who receives one.


At iTAB we are constantly amazed and inspired by the people and stories we witness day in, day out, working with events around the world. From the people who run their hearts out for charity, or those who inspire others to achieve their goals, to those heart-warming moments when one human being comes to the aid of another to get them over the finish line. We all know and love these stories. Now with iTAB Stars you can help celebrate these wonderful people.


If you know or have witnessed someone achieving something special at an event then NOMINATE THEM TODAY for an iTAB Stars award. On the left you will see a list of categories our award covers. Every month we put a call out for nominations on our Facebook page. Nominate someone in the comments section or simply like a nomination. When you nominate someone we need you to write a short piece explaining what inspired you to nominate them. Each month we will select from the nominations based on the merit of the nomination and the likes received.

Celebrate the achievers


Charity Hero

Celebrate those costume wearing super heroes who put everything on the line to make a difference.

Inspirational Moment

Maybe you’ve seen it in the news or you’ve been there to witness it. Share inspirational moments with us so we can acknowledge them.

Strength From Adversity

Many are driven to run through a desire to come through personal tragedy or difficulties, tell us their story.


We all need motivation and often this comes from a special trainer or training partner, tell us the who, what and why.


Setting personal goals and breaking them is what drives us to run, tell us your inspirational stories.

iTAB Special Merit

Every now and then we see a story that makes us laugh, cry or burst with admiration. We’re always on the lookout for such stories.