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Honouring Canadian Resilience: iTAB’s Impactful Campaign with Canada Army Run

By 6th December 2023No Comments

This year, iTAB had the distinct honour of partnering with Canada Army Run for their much-celebrated event. The Canada Army Run is more than just a race; it’s a profound expression of Canadian unity and the spirit of gratitude towards the Canadian Armed Forces.

At the heart of this incredible event is the finishers’ medal, a classic ‘Dog Tag’ medal. This symbolic token signifies the distance travelled to reach the finish line, the determination it took, and the spirit of resilience that embodies every runner.

iTAB make the experience even more personal and memorable, with the discreet but powerful addition to the classic ‘Dog Tag’ medal – a personalised plate engraved with the runner’s name and finish time.

As part of the campaign, iTAB invited participants to share their ‘Dog Tag’ Stories, encouraging them to express what the medal truly means to them. The response was overwhelming, with runners passionately sharing the significance of their medals. For many, it’s a testament to their journey, a symbol of determination, and a tribute to the unwavering support of the Canadian Armed Forces.

The heartwarming ‘Dog Tag’ Stories were shared through engaging videos, which, thanks to the excellent reach and engagement on Canada Army Run’s social media pages, captured the attention of a wide audience. The impact was profound, with a remarkable 200% increase in iTAB sales for the event, showcasing the resonance of these personal narratives.

This impactful campaign is set to continue throughout the rest of 2023, ensuring that the spirit of unity, resilience, and gratitude lives on. It’s a testament to the power of meaningful storytelling and the importance of personal connections in the running community.

Submit your story now and be a part of this incredible journey. Let’s honour the Canadian spirit, celebrate resilience, and express our heartfelt thanks to those who serve our nation.

If you’re a Canada Army Run finisher, and have not yet ordered your iTAB, click here to purchase yours now.

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