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iTAB and Abbott World Marathon Majors Join Forces to Celebrate Every Six Star Finisher

By 6th December 2023No Comments

In an exciting stride towards celebrating the achievements of every runner, the prestigious Abbott World Marathon Majors (AbbottWMM) and iTAB have renewed their longstanding partnership. This new alliance marks a significant moment in the world of marathons, combining the essence of determination, passion, and personal recognition for athletes at all levels.

The Abbott World Marathon Majors stands as a distinguished series comprising six of the world’s most prestigious marathons. These iconic races include the Tokyo Marathon, B.A.A. Boston Marathon, TCS London Marathon, BMW Berlin Marathon, Bank of America Chicago Marathon, and TCS New York City Marathon. Each event showcases the epitome of human endurance, attracting elite athletes from every corner of the globe.

By integrating Abbott World Marathon Majors and iTAB, the world’s leading medal personalisation company, each participant’s accomplishment can be immortalized with their name and year of their final marathon engraved on the medal. Abbott World Marathon Major CEO, Dawna Stone:

The Six Star Journey is such a huge achievement for our runners. The moment they receive their medal is a lifetime goal and a hugely emotional moment for each and every one of them. We are always seeking ways to enhance that achievement for them and to make it as special as it can be. That lead us to look for ways to bring a more personal element to the medal they have worked so hard to earn.

With AbbottWMM’s global reach and recognition, paired with iTAB’s personal touch, the partnership signifies the power of passion and personalisation. It echoes the sentiment that every runner matters, and their story deserves to be commemorated.

The beauty of the iTAB solution is that is gives our Six Star Finishers the ability to truly make their medal unique. We believe that every Six Star journey is personal and unique, so it’s a natural fit for our runners to be able to express that with this addition to their medal.

The renewed partnership is a testament to the unity and inclusivity that the running community fosters. It’s an acknowledgment that in the world of marathons, every individual, every stride, and every medal truly matters.

Through this partnership, we can show our family of Six Star Finishers and the runners who are on their way that we value their commitment to the Abbott World Marathon Majors and that we want to elevate their achievement through new and innovative ways.

For iTAB the collaboration acknowledges that every individual who crosses the finish line can celebrate and commemorate their unique journey with the ultimate runners memento to complete their Six Star Finisher medal:

iTAB CEO, Ceri Philpot:

Every event represents a journey for the participant and every medal tells a story. However, the Six Star medal represents the pinnacle of many runners’ dreams and iTAB are proud to partner with Abbott World Marathon Majors to provide our unique medal personalisation service in celebration of these prodigious achievements.

If you’re an AWMM six-star finisher, and have not yet ordered your iTAB, click here to purchase yours now.

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