Dragon Ride


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An iTAB is a small plate engraved with the runner’s name and time that fits neatly onto their medal, or is attached to the ribbon. To get yours, please fill out the required details, submit your order, and then wait for delivery of your iTAB.

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Dragon Ride

Dragon Ride is the UK’s most legendary sportive. Each year thousands of riders take on the rugged climbs and rural roads of South Wales to slay the Dragon.

The evolution of the event has always retained the spirit of Wales at its heart combining a true passion for cycling and taking advantage of the intoxicating beauty of Brycheiniog (the Brecons). The four different route options showcase this incredible scenery and allow riders to experience the wild and rugged beauty of the Welsh landscapes from sweeping descents to challenging climbs.

Celebrate your achievement and personalise your race day medal with an iTAB medal insert.

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