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Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon is a classic 21k race held every year in Gothenburg, Sweden. 60,000 runners join the world’s largest race.

The course is certified by an authorized IAAF course measurer. Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon takes you through places like Slottskogen, over the water of Göta Älv, alongside the beautiful Älvstranden, through the central parts of Gothenburg and back to the arena Slottskogsvallen. Alongside the race track is there a lot to experience!

Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon would not be the same without its dedicated audience. More than 200,000 supporters line up along the race course, which makes the race Sweden’s largest live event and a world-class experience. Big screen displays, live bands and other activities keep the mood up from the first to the last runner over the finish line.

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