Team runDisney


Thank you, runDisney is a very special organization that adds so many smiles to the world, we are delighted to be a part of your plan.

For all of the runDisney team, we’d like to send you a personalized iTAB and iTAB Stars award.

Simply fill in your full name, follow the shopping basket process, then we can ship your medal out soon.

Thank you.


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Team runDisney, welcome to iTAB!

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, we are delighted you have chosen iTAB to partner your events and incredible brand.

runDisney embodies everything great about the running event industry, including fun, passion, energy, and kindness. We hope that iTAB can add to your brand and help improve your runner experiences.

As a thank you, helping you see, touch, and experience an iTAB for yourself, we would love to send you an iTAB and iTAB Stars Medal, personalised to each member of the runDisney Team.

iTAB Stars medals are saved for people that we believe have improved the running industry, helping the events world be better and happier. You all deserve an iTAB Stars award.

As for the medal photographs below, we couldn’t wait to get official runDisney images on the site!

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