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Remember that your celebrations are earnt and that you deserve them. Discover how to own your celebrations with our latest article.

Own your celebration, you have earned it.

You cross that finish line and you feel fantastic. All the hard work you put in has paid off and you have completed the event with a great time.

What do you do next?

Many of us don’t allow ourselves to dwell on our celebrations for very long. We accomplish what we have been working towards for what seems like an eternity and suddenly we focus on the next thing we want to achieve.

Of course, always working towards our next goal is a good thing. But we should also take the time to fully celebrate what we have already achieved.

Taking the time to celebrate helps us realize what we have accomplished. It gives us time to digest the work we have put in and understand that whatever we set our minds on we can achieve.

Rewarding ourselves for the goals we achieve also serves as a motivator that can help carry us when trying to overcome future challenges. When we take the time to celebrate, whenever we hit hard times we can remind ourselves how good that celebration felt and the fact that we have achieved physically and mentally demanding things in the past.

Own your celebration and have fun.

When you own your celebration you are investing in yourself. Your happiness matters and when you work hard to achieve a goal you deserve to be recognised for what you have put in.

But it isn’t just your own celebration. Rarely do you achieve great things without the support of those around you. Even if that support is just being understanding when you spend your time getting in an extra run rather than spending time with them. Your celebration is showing those who help you that you appreciate their input.

When you celebrate, remember how you got there. The bravery it took to commit to the idea, the grit it took to train, the time and dedication it took to turn up and run on the day, and the determination you put into giving it your all.

Own your celebration with these ideas.

Here are a few tips on how to own your celebration:

  1. Make plans – it is easy to jump ahead once you have achieved something, so make plans to go out and celebrate after an event, even if it is just a relaxed coffee with a friend
  2. Note it down – physically writing down what you have achieved can act as a permanent reminder, don’t just note the physical achievement, but describe how you felt when you achieved it
  3. Pay gratitude – paying gratitude to those who have helped you along the way is crucial to feeling fulfilled by your achievement and making sure people know what they have done has not gone unnoticed

Written by Samson Husbands.

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