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Growing is an important part of life. Discover why your growth is your responsibility and how to do it.

Own your growth, as only you can.

Your growth is nobody else’s responsibility.

Sure, there are people and organisations out there that can help you grow. But it is entirely up to you how you want to grow and which resources you will use to help you do it. Nobody can do that for you.

If you complain about your lack of growth that is on you. If you aren’t growing then you need to take action to change that. If your training plan isn’t working, then you need to change it. If you aren’t getting that promotion, then you need to change your approach or get a different job.

Whatever the issue, it is your responsibility to take responsibility.

Growing isn’t just about the actions you take, but the mindset you have when doing those actions. We all have memories of being sat in a classroom at school and not learning anything. Just turning up doesn’t guarantee growth, you have to be open to it and you have to want it.

There are many areas that you can grow in depending on your goals. You may grow your capacity for running or working out by training more regularly, or you may grow your confidence by doing things that frighten you.

Whichever way you want to grow, it is down to you to formulate a plan and  follow it.

Own your growth and smash your goals.

Owning your growth can be hard work, but it is worth it.

Being proactive about trying new things such as booking onto events, exploring new sports, adventuring into new areas and getting to know new people will help you find ways to grow that you had never thought of before.

You can grow from any experience whether you find it negative or positive. Positive experiences will help you understand what works for you and motivate you to keep moving forward. Negative experiences can teach you how to deal with challenges and how to stay calm in difficult situations.

Being mindful in all situations will ensure you grow in one way or another from them regardless of the specifics.

Own your growth one step at a time.

Owning your growth is a lifelong pursuit. Here are some ways to ignite your own growth:

  1. Get out of your comfort zone
  2. Meet new people and ask them questions about their lives
  3. Create a personal vision, goals and milestones
  4. Develop cues to encourage good habits
  5. Set time aside to review your growth and make plans for moving forward
  6. Don’t get disheartened if you feel like you are not growing, sometimes you need to lay the foundations before you can start to build

Written by Samson Husbands.

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