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Owning your run is all about making a commitment to yourself. In this article, we explore how to own your run.

Own your run, it’s your responsibility.

If you are lucky your friends and family might help you train, they may support your efforts by preparing you healthy food and taking on more responsibility so you can go running more often, they could cheer you on race day and they might even train and run the event with you for support.

But there is one thing nobody else can do for you – run.

Whether you love running or you are purposefully putting yourself through the pain of running to prove something to yourself, you are the only one who can put on your running shoes, train and complete the events you sign up for.

You have to own it.

If you fail to train, that is on you. If you don’t get the time you want, that is on you. If you smash a personal best, that is on you.

We cannot plan for factors outside of our control. Those around us may be great and supportive, but they may also disrupt our training and throw obstacles our way. It is your responsibility to own your run and make it happen.

Own your run – it takes grit.

Owning your run takes grit and determination.

Owning it means giving it your all. It means getting up every morning and hitting the road, eating healthy and getting enough rest and recovery. It means overcoming challenges and adversity. It means seeing how far you can mentally and physically push yourself.

Only when you own your run will you know what you are truly capable of, how far you can push yourself and how it feels to achieve a true personal best.

So get out there and own your run. Hold yourself accountable for the commitment you make to a running event. Ask yourself the difficult questions like ‘could I be training more’ or ‘how can I recover better’.

Own your run – commitments.

Here are some commitments you make to yourself when you own your run:

  1. Sign up – commit to signing up to an event to help motivate you
  2. Train – create a training schedule and stick to it, do everything in your power to ensure nothing disrupts it or find ways to make up for training you miss
  3. Eat well – eating well will help give you the energy you need to complete your training plan, it will also help you ensure that you do not put on excess weight which may slow you down
  4. Recover – commit to recovering properly, how you do this will depend on your own training and what you find works for you, it might include taking cold baths/showers, sports massages, sleeping more and generally taking time to relax
  5. Turn up – on race day turn up and give it your all

Written by Samson Husbands.

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