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Discover how owning your slow can help you reach your goals.

Own your slow for a more considered approach to life.

Speed. It seems to be the ultimate goal.

After all, who doesn’t want to smash their personal best run time?

But is being fast really the best approach to life?

Being slow has its benefits.

The best relationships are usually built slowly over time. The biggest goals take a long time to complete. The best-tasting food often takes hours to prepare.

Your pursuit of personal greatness is a long, slow and massively enjoyable experience.

When we look at other people who are successful, it often seems like it came all at once and we want the same. But this is rarely the case. Steve Jobs, founder of multiple multi-million dollar businesses once said:

“If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time”

You wouldn’t go from a completely sedentary lifestyle to running a marathon. Taking it slow helps you maintain energy and build consistency in anything you are working towards. Start by taking small steps and build your way up to your bigger goals.

Own your slow…now.

The best thing about owning your slow is that it is easy to get started.

Getting outside for a slow, 5-minute walk is less daunting than trying to run a fast-paced 10KM on your first time out. Rather than spending weeks trying to motivate yourself to go big and fast, just get out there and start slow, build your way up, you will be amazed what you can achieve when you take this approach.

It isn’t just about developing your body’s ability to run further, faster. It is about giving yourself the opportunity to build self-confidence and allowing yourself to see just how much grit you have.

One way to maintain a slow, steady approach to training is to book yourself onto an event well in advance and starting your training now. For example, if you booked your first ever running event for six months, just getting out for a daily walk now is a great way to start building up your fitness, stamina and self-confidence. This approach also tends to be a lot more fun than intense last-minute training without any prep work.

Own your slow with these slow steps.

Taking it slow isn’t always the easy option, especially when you are motivated to reach your goals. Adopt these steps to help you own your slow:

  1. Think ahead – book events and challenges well ahead of time to allow yourself plenty of time to train
  2. Start now – the sooner you start the longer you have to train
  3. Stop and reflect – schedule time to stop and reflect on your progress
  4. Be mindful – consider what you are doing to work towards something, is there a better option?
  5. Relax and have fun – running should be fun, take the time to enjoy yourself and take the time to recover properly

Written by Samson Husbands.

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