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Own your time, you’ve got this!

For those that like to read, you can find the iTAB company beliefs written across all our blogs (starting above and below).

For those that would rather watch and share a video, here’s the first in our motivation film series, please take as intended, with a touch of humour…

Running Motivation.


You have everything you need to own all that matters.

Right now, this very second, you have the choice to make more from life.

Today is the time to embrace new challenges and create memories; you already have the courage to jump in, the resilience to stay motivated, and the power to laugh whilst doing it all, it’s just time to start.

Everyone is busy, tired, stressed, overworked, underpaid, broken and slow compared to someone else, but they still get up and start moving, so can you.

You are ready.

Find the love for every mental and physical experience; even the smallest life-event may have the biggest impact.

Make sure your future-self thanks today’s you for how you’ve spent your time, that’s how you can own it.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you, we hope you are finding some thoughts of encouragement to put on a pair of trainers.

Owning your time, is not just about running though, it’s a about making more from life, whatever that could mean to you.

Own your happy.

You have everything you need to own all that matters.

You can be content, energetic, driven and focused, you can make the most of your time, you can always be… the happiest version of you.

Believe in yourself, be free from pressure and worry; if you remove the fear – there is no failure, there is no hard work, there is only time, and how you deal with it.

Express joy whenever and wherever you like. No matter what they throw at you, be at peace with the present whilst building for a better tomorrow. Give more than you take and engage in every moment with a smile, that’s how you’ll discover real happiness.

It’s OK to have mental and physical struggles along the way, use what you can to help and support yourself, one step at a time, consider how to improve your mind and body, find your purpose and make the time to change.

Begin the process, get outside, see what’s there, breathe it in, grab all that counts and run with it.

It is easy to own happy if you can open-up and listen to yourself.

Running motivation comes in all shapes and sizes, find what works for you.

You can be… you, it’s in how you approach the day, it’s all in your mind.

It’s your time, own it.

Own Your Time, Own Your Experiences.

Your life is experienced through moments in time. It is up to you to make more of them, to create great memories and celebrations that you can saviour for later life.

You can do anything. It is all there to be enjoyed.

You have the time to find, book, start and finish more life experiences.

What is stopping you?

What else can help you own your time?

There’s so much to write about, here’s a glimpse of what else you may see or read from iTAB over the next year or so…


Own Your Health.

It does not matter what your health and fitness levels are today, what counts is where they will be tomorrow. You can have increased longevity by doing the right things, putting on your trainers and stepping outside, it’s a sure path to a better feeling.

You may be at the beginning, where a 100-meter walk / jog is the goal, or you may be pushing for a sub-3-hour marathon, either way, it’s all the same thing, you are a person who realises that time and health are your greatest motivations, every minute used for health is well spent.

Wherever you are with your fitness, hiking, running, cycling, swimming or any other amazing and healthy pastimes, it’s time to push on. You can own slow, own fast, own perseverance and be responsible enough to own effort. Own what you put in so you can enjoy the energy you and others get out.

You are smart enough to understand that health and time they are not the main things, they are the only things.

Whatever you are after in life, improving your wellbeing one tiny piece at a time, even when it feels impossible, will help you get closer to your target.


Own Your Ambition.

You can be the version of you that you are proud of… the friend, the child, the spouse, the partner, the colleague, the student, the… runner.

You are in control of finding your own path and wisdom; being caught-up in the masses could slow you down, go and tread the trail that suits your stride, find the running track that gives you the best advantage, the one that helps you feel free.

Always be relentless in the quest to get more from your time. Whatever you decide to make from your life, remember that every year, month, week, day, hour, minute and second counts if you have goals to accomplish and passions to pursue. No matter what they are, if they are important to you, if they can help you, or others, then they are worth it.


Own Your Achievement.

Aim for the very top of YOUR highest peak. Your short walk will eventually become a 5k run. Your sit-up will one day result in that six-pack. Your 10k personal best will quickly become a marathon time you dare not dream of yet. Your first step will soon be your first, second, third and then 100th finisher medal.

You will become unbreakable when you realise that time is all we have, and it’s up to you how you use it. All goals are unique to you, do not compare yourself to others, you are an irreplaceable 7 billion to 1 person, your achievements are for you to enjoy and build from, maybe you’ll get to inspire someone else, that’s contentment, that’s how to own success.


Own Your Dedication.

Greatness and gratification come from doing the right things, every day for life. It is up to you to understand what that means, but there are no days off when it comes to being a happy, high-performance, or progressive person that brings more value than you carry away.

It is the long-term plan that is the most important. Find your obsession and do not stop when things are tough, you can break down barriers, rebuild yourself tirelessly. Work out how to triumph in all situations, no matter how many times you need to try, it’s impossible to beat someone that does not give up, someone who keeps going, time after time.


Own Your Growth.

Be consistent, be ruthless, be determined, and take responsibility for yourself. Complaining is for people who require excuses, you must answer to your own actions and choices. When you endure a loss, it’s all on you. It is, however, the perfect opportunity to learn and come back stronger. Be humble enough to gain more knowledge through defeat – it’s powerful – use it as fuel to become faster, better, and more resolute.

Your positive responses to bad times will ensure you can maintain inner calm, by knowing you have dealt with adversity well.

Everyone you meet knows something you do not, so be polite, be helpful, be the finest you can be, but most importantly always explore, ask people questions, listen and have sincere interest in their answers.


Own Your Preparation.

If you are at the starting line of something important, knowing you have done everything you can, have prepared to the utmost of your ability and have left nothing unturned, then you have already won.


Own Your Dreams.

Money, cars, watches, clothes, parties, followers and fame are not goals. These things are bullshit replacements for the real objective, which is a genuine love for whatever you decide to do and the person you want to be.

You are the only the person that can ensure you reach your destination at the time that you want, you are in charge of your own life, your actions and your dreams.

Own Your Time, Own Your Actions.

How are you going to make more from your time?

You are accountable for how you deal with today and tomorrow.

Creating memories and reason to celebrate requires a choice to try things. It is up to you to make that happen, but once you start, the good times will roll in.

The clues to your happiness are in your decisions… Will tomorrow’s you thank you for what you did today?


Own Your Impact.

You can add to your time on earth by getting on with it, procrastinating and putting things off takes time away from you, you must own it, not give it away or let it slip.

Running, cycling, swimming, climbing and walking, they can help you; they already mean so much to so many, they give mental and physical strength, they provide the experiences that show temporary pain and discomfort can create eternal might and happiness.

If wellbeing and endorphins are what you need, go find and book an event today, start training, stay inspired, keep grinding, bring people together, every second of that experience counts.


Own your time, own today.

Running and events have a great purpose; to make you happier and healthier.

There are not many people who have regretted putting on a pair of trainers and crossing a finish line, it is the world’s best tool for generating smiles, energy and happiness. Running helps more than we can explain. Happiness from running is not always about the time taken to finish though, it is mostly about the feeling it gives you and remembering the time it took to train, to fall, to get back up, and to eventually cross that finish line.

Time is free to all of us, but it’s priceless, don’t waste it.

Today is your time to act, today is your time to start the next level, today is your time to run.

Written by Samson Husbands.

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If you catch us slipping on these objectives, please let us know.

Go and book an event, you will love it.

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