What is an iTAB?

You have everything you need to own all that matters. Right now, this very second, you have the choice to make more from life. It’s time to run.

The iTAB products are a centre-pin to the running event industry, providing medal personalisation to event participants. Runners use iTAB to immortalise event journeys, by engraving their name and time within a personalised tab that fits within or on the finisher’s medal.

How does an iTAB work?


You train hard for weeks and months, pushing physical boundaries just to get to the start line of the race.

With an iTAB, you can make it a race to remember – by personalizing your medal with your name and finish time. It’s the perfect way to share your achievement.

What is an iTAB?

Own your time, you’ve got this!

iTAB is about more than your finish time, it is a tool that completes the whole event experience, from remembering your first training session, to every step of the race itself, then pushing you to train for the next big run. iTAB helps runners make more from their time.

For elite athletes and first-timers alike, iTAB inspires the world to put on a pair of trainers and achieve their running goals.


Add iTAB to medal

How does a Ribbon Hanger work?

Add iTAB to medal

An Ribbon Hanger lets you personalize any medal with an iTAB that will include your Name, Message and Finish Time.

The engraved iTAB plate is attached to your medal ribbon with a unique iTAB Ribbon Hanger. It looks neat, is visible from the front of the medal, and helps you remember your race day for years to come.

Find out how to order an iTAB Ribbon Hanger – Click here


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Running and Life Motivation

Keeping fit and staying healthy is hard, booking events helps us to maintain our training by giving us a goal, but everyone still needs the occasional boost to get us out there.

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Enhance your event, add iTAB to your finisher medal.

Enhance your event,
add iTAB to your finisher medal.