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Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon runs straight through the heart of one of Sweden’s most beautiful cities. Not only is it the largest annual running competition in Sweden, it is also one of the largest running events in the world with nearly 60,000 registered runners.

The Gothenburg race course is lined with 200,000 dedicated supporters and starts and finishes at the old athletics arena, Slottsskogsvallen – taking in both the Älvsborg Bridge and the Göta Älv Bridge – before weaving through the inner city.

This year, four students from the Jewellery Art Program at the School of Design and Art have been given the opportunity to create four different medal designs – one of which will be handed out over the finish line on 16th May 2020. 

Voting has commenced for the Shipyard Medal 2020 and is taking place until the end of July 2019, but which one is your favourite?

‘The world under our feet’
“The feeling of the sole impacts on the ground and the endorphins rushing in the body. Together we follow the course around Gothenburg and know the city under our feet.” Lotta Snijder

‘Going to the Goals!’
“Gothenburg is a city to be proud of. Suddenly everything appears in clear colours. Everyone has a common goal and even the one who staggers over the finish line after three hours is a winner.” Hady Rendón Rios

“My intention with this medal is to celebrate and honour all the participants in this joyful, and inspiring event and how beautiful it is to commit to something where there are no guaranties of the outcome, to want to accomplish more for oneself and others. I want the medal to be a reminder of how great we can be if we believe in us.” Vera Macelo

‘People and birds’
On the day of the shipyard everyone is cheering on and also the fishermen’s shelters turn into cheers. That the starting line consists of a chain of valentines that stand there hand in hand really shows that the Gothenburg shipyard is something we create together. Running is something for everyone! Maja Östebro

We all have our own personal favourites in the iTAB office of course!  We cannot wait to help many runners to celebrate their achievement from their race, by personalising the medals with a specially designed iTAB ribbon hanger, produced with the runner’s name and finish time.

And remember to share a photo of you with your finisher medal & iTAB medal insert on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram @iTABmedalinsert

To vote for your winning medal and the one you would most like to receive at the finish line, click here:

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